5 Years Old In SFI/TripleClicks

5th Anniversary as an SFI/TripleClicks AffiliateWOW!!! I was not expecting to see this message until I login to my backend office to do my daily tasks. Time flies!!!

When I started with SFI/TripleClicks, I was having difficulties understanding how it works and what can I do about it. Learning about Internet Marketing, Sales & Marketing was something new and challenging but still, I persisted and whatever I did now was a result of that hard work BUT I am still working hard to find those champions that will really make me successful.

5 Years In SFI/TripleClicks

Do I regret embracing this business opportunity? Not really although there are time that I felt like “throwing in the towel”. Find me a business that does not have those “ups and downs” and I will join you wholeheartedly.

What is great about SFI is that it is constantly improving their system to allow their affiliates to grow and learn about the business. It is FREE of course!

Along the way, I had make some money to regain back my “investments”, I had my excitements and frustrations, I had learn about leadership building, I had learn about Sharing and many other what-have-you and for FREE of course!

In this kind of business, sometime you grow and sometime you falter, so what! just move on and keep improving yourself!

There will come a time when you have enough leaders or champions, as I would like to call them, and that will guarantee you a decent income by then. It can be few months or a few years, depending on your luck (30%, IMHO) and hard work too!

My aim now is to keep finding my 4 to 5 champions so that we can build a reliable team and help each other gets the passive income we all want.


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