Advices, Tips, Shortcuts, QA and What Have You

Advices, Tips, Shortcuts, QA and What Have You

Versa Point is the crux of the SFI business.

It is like the "fuel" of a car, which you need to top up everyday. The more you have it, the further you travel.

Your affiliates, including yourself, are paid according to the amount of versa points (VPs) they earn every month which are included in the shares of the total of the monthly Executive Pool. The total Daily Action(AVPs) during the month plus Sales VP (SVPs) are the total sum of VPs for the month.

We can receive our commission on the 10th of next month, reflecting the value in dollars of our share in the Executive Pool.

Our Daily Actions are identified by the GREEN bar (TABS) in the Affiliate Center which can adds up to 14 AVPs per day and it also includes the review of new TripleClicks products that you have purchase for that month. 2 of those Daily Actions (TABS) require 1 TCredit each. If we log in daily and complete the daily tasks, you can earn 420 avps per month which will be added to our total vps for that month.

In addition to the Daily Actions VPs, you can earn other VPs by participating in Auctions, playing the Eager Zebra Games using TCredits. You will also need to Carry Out your Weekly and Monthly Tasks that includes Sending of Mass Message to all your Affiliates in your Genealogy, Streaming at least 3 times within 1 week and Connecting to your TConnect Page to earn your VP.

420 AVPs for the month contribute 28% of 1500 VPs, which you NEED to maintain your Executive Affiliate (EA) ranking. So why waste that free AVPs by not logging in Daily and spending extra money to buy TCredits to earn AVPs to compensate for the loss? You must learn about Cost Saving to maximize your profit in this business. Please NOTE that EVERYONE, including me and my upline leaders, will have to do the same process at the beginning of each month! On 1st of Every Month, our VP is a ZERO (0).

Most importantly, by logging in daily, we are constantly learning new things about the business. You get to read those Forum threads or messages, Latest SFI News and announcement etc...

So make it your habit to log in EVERYDAY and be serious about earning from the SFI/TripleClicks Business. Let it be part of your business practices and Duplicate Your Effort to those who joins you, be it PSA or CSA.

Constantly review your goals and objectives as to why you first registered with SFI. Do not let the little "hiccups" stop you from moving on. If there is a Wall, find a way to build a door!

Please remember that you must not let your AVPs goes to waste by not EARNING that daily 14 AVPs which is provided to you for FREE by the system!

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