Attitude Is Everything
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Victory isn’t achieved by luck or by being a good person, it is achieved through working hard” — Korean saying

Working this business is like planting seeds in your garden. Do your trimming and watering on a daily basis and one day you will realize that you have a small patch of plants growing together.

After a period of time, it will turn into a plantation whereby you get your Produce or Crops (results) on a periodic basis. (PASSIVE INCOME).

What You Sow now is What You will Reap later!

Question is: Do you want to be a Rich farmer or a poor one?

This is exactly how SFI/TripleClicks business can work for you! Nothing too complicating about it.

Don’t let your existing data inside your head “sabotage” you from taking the right action or making the right decision!

Explore, read and ask questions, if you don’t know or unsure about anything.



Let’s assume you want to leverage on SFI/TripleClicks to generate an income source to tide over your financial woes. The next question to ask yourself is, “Am I willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal?”

If your answer is, “I will do just about anything, except that I won’t do ________“, the franksly speaking, YOU’RE NOT COMMITTED!

And if you are not committed, it is likely that you will Give Up easily and not achieve your Goal!

If you are also thinking “I will give it 6 months to prosper. If things don’t work out after 6 months, I’ll Quit” THEN know that this NOT a Mental Attitude that leads to Success.

Stay Committed and you will surely Succeed!!!

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Here is an interesting book that you can read about…





“The Best Time To Plant The Tree Was 5 Years Ago and The Second Best Time To Plant The Tree is TODAY, right NOW!”

*Note: This is exactly what I wrote on my SFI Leadership Page for my affiliates on my Genealogy!

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