Disappointment With SFI Affiliates Of My Genealogy

Disappointment - Frustration
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Since I started this blog for almost 2 months by now, the respond from my affiliates in my Genealogy, despite repeated introduction and reminder, has been so poor that it is rather discouraging. It also make me annoyed with their mindset and positioning.

The initial intention of this blog was to allow the affiliates of my genealogy to share and utilize this blog as a referral, for their own affiliates, so that it can easily become a duplication effort for them. I do understand that when my affiliates utilizes it, it will eventually reach some other SFI affiliates who are not in our lineage as such a special SFI Affiliate Members Area was created to allow them to register and get specialized information from me.

Right now, I am thinking of sharing it to anyone, as long as they are SFI/TripleClicks affiliate and is looking for information on how they can build their system to make it a worthwhile effort. It can also be a place for those who do not have a Sponsor assistance to rely on.

Perhaps, the intention of these people should be sort out before I start to re-organize the blog to allow every SFI affiliate, irregardless of whether they are in my lineage or not, to have access to the information within except for those sensitive one.

Please leave a comment below if you are an SFI affiliate. Indicate whether you prefer an Open Informational Area or a Membership Area. Do not append your email address but come back here in 2 weeks to read the latest post.

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