Earning Your DAILY VersaPoints In SFI

The most fundamental step to getting your Commission in SFI is to EARN 1,500 VPs (versapoints) EVERY MONTH.

YES, it’s a very FAIR SYSTEM because everyone’s VP (including your Upline Leaders) are RESET to ZERO (0) at the beginning of each month!

I had created videos for you to learn how to EARN your DAILY VPs BUT you must learn how to generate even more by participating in the program within the SFI/TripleClicks business opportunity. At least these DAILY VPs can cushion a little bit of your required 1,500 VPs.

Earning Your DAILY VersaPoints

01 Beginning of Every Month in SFI


02 Earn TCredit Via T Time in TripleClicks

03 Alert & Badges Red TAB at SFI Backend Office


04 To-Do & TIPS TAB at SFI Backend Office


05 News, Rating, Stream, TripleClicks & Eager Zebra Games

06 PriceBender Auction TAB at SFI Backend Office

07 ScoreBoard & Movers TAB at SFI Backend Office

08 Growth & Goals TAB at SFI Backend Office

09 Forum TAB at SFI Backend Office


10 Win IT TAB at SFI Backend Office


11 Weekly Message To Affiliates at SFI Backend Office

Hopefully you have gain enough knowledge to earn your DAILY VPs and make it a habit. You will want ALL your new affiliates to know about this and duplicate it down your Genealogy.

#Kindly leave a comment or feedback if you have any. It is much appreciated!


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