Finished BASIC Training


Now that you have completed your BASIC TRAINING and know how to accumulate 1500 VersaPoints to become an Executive Affiliate (EA), this question will bugged you every month,

How To Become An EA?

It is simple yet agonizing for some affiliates, especially those who are financially burdened or challenged. All that you need to do is to visit that page over and over again (click on link above) and create a habit of following the 3 Basic Steps so that your business will become a success.

This is exactly the same page that your future affiliates or followers will adhered to when they join you thus making the Duplication Process easier.

Go through all those MENUs at the backend office every now and then to learn as much thing as possible. Always ask questions if you are unsure. There are always Support, Forum, ASK SC and your Active Upline Leaders around to help you with your queries.

Developed a habit of reading and soon you will realize that you are absorbing more information and doing more for your business too.

Create Your First Blog

This is a something that every affiliate in any business venture online should have but not everyone is technically inclined to be able to own one.

However, if you are really serious and wanting to learn how to create one for your SFI/TripleClicks business promotions, the answer is here. All that you need to do is to download this FREE eBook “Your First Blog Setup” and find your way to the 8 Videos series if that is what you prefer.

By the end of reading this eBook or watching those videos, you would have already started and own your first blog ever.

Your First Blog Setup Cover Graphic


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