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Do you love games such as Football, Baseball, Soccer or even Cricket (coming soon) ? These are sports that command lots of interest locally and internationally.

If you are someone who love such sports enough to want to make predictions of each available game, here is a portal for you to do so .

UberPicks - Eager Zebra Games - SFI - TripleClicks

You can do it at your leisure or as a hobby. However, there are others who wants to make some pocket money if they do the right thing as an affiliate of SFI/TripleClicks.

Check it out to see if such a platform will satisfy your love for those games and also to find out how you can leverage on it to make the money you want.


P/S: Some countries called Football as Rugby whilst some countries called Football as Soccer. Just see those pictures and you will know which is which for your country!

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