Have You Complete Your LaunchPad Lessons?

Naughty or bad affiliate in SFI TripleClicks
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

You can say anything you want BUT if you had not complete the LaunchPad lessons provided via your email messages then you are not a good affiliate!

Unfortunately, too many affiliates skip this vital step and failed in their endeavor to make money with the SFI/TripleClicks opportunity.

This is the BASIC yet Most Important training every affiliate need to go through!

Without such training,  many unnecessary headaches and heartaches had arose and you find affiliates dropping out before they even get started.

As leader, we must also Push the Launchpad as often as necessary to our affiliates to get the point across that they must do their part first so they will know which questions to ask.

You can always insert something about the Launchpad lessons in your weekly team mails at least once every month to remind your affiliates of this wonderful resource and encourage those who are new to go through them.

If there is something in the lessons they don’t understand, we can all work together to find the answers, but the journey should always begin with the Launchpad lessons.

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