Step 3 — Time To Roll!


Fantastic! Theoretically, you have completed the BASICs IF you had completed the LAUNCH PAD lessons at the SFI Backend Office as well as followed Step 2 here and watch all the videos plus EARNING your Daily VersaPoints at the TO-DO LIST Area.

Some of you will fall behind and wonder if this is for you BUT please give yourself at least 3 to 6 months before deciding about the business, ok? It would seems hard at first but once you had developed a habit of logging in daily and doing your due diligence, you will find that the process becomes much easier as time goes on.

In case you are really getting a little doubtful or dis-orientated, you can either re-watch those videos at Step 2 or READ the 20 RULES OF SUCCESS by Gery Carson again. *Hint: See the note at the right sidebar?

Always give yourself another chance before you do something that you will regret later. It is easy for you to give up because no one pays you a salary unlike in a job, as such you must developed a personal discipline routine to keep yourself in check. Get your family member to assist you if need be. Also, remember to reward yourself, with a huge ice-cream or a huge pizza, if you are improving every month 😀

Monitoring Of Your Affiliates

When you become an Executive Affiliate (EA), the company rewards you by allocating several Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) to your Genealogy or Group so that you can practice your Leadership role, and together with those personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) that you have gotten through Co-Op Advertisements or from your own ads campaign, you will need to learn how to monitor their progress too.

Here is a video showing you how you can monitor your affiliates, PSA or CSA, so that they know you are serious and care for them, and in return, hoping that they become one of your general in your business grouping. Good Luck!

*Note: This is what I attempt to do myself despite my tight schedule. However, please note that you are NOT ALLOWED to follow-up with them via email message IF they had OPTED-OUT of the program. Neither should you spam them with offers that is of no relevance to the SFI/TripleClicks program. I have personally seen affiliates being banned without reasons because of such practices.

Soon, you will find other MENUs being setup here where I will append information that covers TripleClicks matters, Internet or Online Marketing matters plus whatever tips, tricks or treats that will help you to become successful in this SFI/TripleClicks business opportunity.


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