Leverage On Other Leaders Training

As I am concentrating on several business opportunities including Internet Marketing, I am finding it hard to generate videos for the TripleClicks area, though I promise that it will come soon.

However, that also mean that IF you can find any good videos online, you can leverage on them to learn a thing or two. Share it with the people here too.

Here’s a Youtube Channel belonging to Tom Makhoul-Boustany, and I think we are of the same lineage because I saw our No. 1 leader, Bing Obaldo, photo image on one of his video presentation :mrgreen: 

Anyway, visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4DLxGnIRkSUJfEkPzxPxsA/videos now for some TripleClicks related lessons!

NOTE: Always leave a comment on blogs or video pages so that people will know who you are, and linking it back to your blog or web page if any, so that you can promote about your SFI through this technique.

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2 thoughts on “Leverage On Other Leaders Training

  1. Hi Leekhaa,
    I check and realized you are not in my lineage but no issue here because as long as you can learn something from being a Member here, I am happy enough. Please feel free to write me or share with us whatever you are learning from your Upline, if any.

    Have great success in your SFI journey!

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