Need Convincing To Join SFI/TripleClicks Program?

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Many a times, I come across new affiliates who just joined the SFI/TripleClicks, login once and “never see them again”. After many attempts to connect with them via internal messaging or even emailing, there will be one or two who will reply to me with this question,

“How Can You Convince Me That SFI Really Works?”

As usual, I am always stumped! Instead, I will ask them these questions,

  • Before signing up for the 100% FREE SFI program, have you not read those information on the SFI website, including my blog?” — If this is not a workable business, then how did it lasted for the last 17 solid years and still growing daily with an influx of new members everyday?


  • After you had become an Affiliate, how much time and effort have you allocated to the program before declaring that it was not for you?” — Most of the time, the record shows that they had only login once and never did it again. They have not even attempt to learn the program in the first place, yet they expect to make money out of it, is it possible? If that is the kind of mindset they have, then Begging on the Street should be a better choice because all they need is to stretch out their hand and hope for the best.


  • What are you expecting to get from this business?” — Usually they don’t know! How much I made so far should not be a gauge of whether the business works or not! Different people has got different expectation and the amount I made may not be something they prefer! I could be earning hundreds or thousands of dollars but if they are expecting millions then this is not for them, am I right? Now I know why those successful leaders in MLM, Network Marketing or even Honest Online Marketers will not tell you too. #As for those who claims that you can make $1000s in a single day, you should think over and over again before embarking into their program.


Ultimately, it is always the Mindset and Positioning at work here. If you think you can make money out of it then I am sure you definitely can irregardless of how new, old, small or large the business opportunity is BUT if you think you can’t then you are 100% correct too.

And because of this perspective, which most people have irregardless of whether the business opportunities are online or offline, I personally do not need to convince you to join the SFI/TripleClicks business. Instead, I will do my level best to provide you with information about the business and “what-is” that is happening around us so that you can make an informed decision yourself before you come on board. I think that’s the fairest way to prospect you.

My Best Advices For You

DO NOT JOIN if you are having doubts or unsure about the business program or concept. *Some people swear that they do not like MLM, Network Marketing or anything that looks “Pyramid” YET they are involves with something that actually is. My advice to you is that you Read More about SFI here and elsewhere such as Google or Yahoo, BUT please do not allow 1 or 2 reports outweigh your perspective about the whole industry when comes to making a decision.

DO NOT JOIN if you are looking for a Get Rich Quick Solution or Instant Gratification to your problem. There is no business out there that will enable you to make money instantly without investing time and effort into earning it except “Begging”. Next best choice is to “punt” in Gambling which you need upfront cash to begin with!

DO NOT JOIN if you are going to Sign Up and have a “peek” inside the Backend Office THEN decides whether “If It Is My Cup Of Tea“. *Tips: You can have a VISUAL of the Backend Office on those videos shown here.

SIGN UP Only when you are ready to commit some time and energy to the program. The best time frame is to allow at least 6 months to 1 year to WORK your program so that you are leading a Group of affiliates who are like-minded as yourself!

SIGN UP Only when you are sure there will be a group of people, in SFI itself, ready to assist you whenever you needed help. They consists of Company Support Group, Active Upline Leaders, Forum Experts, Questions and Answers Portal (ASK SC) as well as those Affiliates-to-Affiliates (a2a) from different countries that you can exchange information and tips.

SIGN UP Only when you are prepared to make some kind of “sacrifice”, like a monthly commitment or “rental” to get qualified to earn your commission or incentives thus generating the kind of income YOU WANT the easy way without the constant nagging from someone you are familiar with ( 😆  yeah, Your Boss!)

Most Importantly, SIGN UP Only when you think you are humble enough to START FROM THE BASICS irregardless of the kind of Education, Experiences or Up-bringing you have or had in the first place and yet Prepared to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN.

* NOTE: When you Sign Up as an Affiliate with SFI/TripleClicks, even if you decides to Login and “run away” the next day, your account will be stuck with me or any other Upline Leaders for 6 Months before it will be Auto-Delete for Inactivity. It not only perturb you BUT it cluttered our Genealogy too. So, THINK THRICE before signing up :mrgreen:

# Leave a comment here, if you have any. Appreciate your participation in advance!

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