Promoting SFI With No Online Business Experience

Many a times, we will have affiliates asking this question when they join the SFI/TripleClicks business opportunity:

How best to promote SFI to prospects who have no experience with online business?

That is a very good question and one answer that I had extracted from the ASK SC inside SFI is this…

“I will give you a firsthand experience that will most certainly look hilarious and comical. In my country, there has been a has been a digital migration for our broadcasters from analogue to digital transmission.

As a result, all the non-digital TV sets have been rendered redundant

As an extension, people have started classifying themselves as either analogue or digital. When you approach anyone who cannot operate a smart phone or access internet they tell you that they are … you guessed right.. ANALOGUE

And when you approach the others who can access internet they tell you they are .. ahem… yes.. DIGITAL.”

So, how do we promote SFI to prospects who are  self-proclaimed … analogue..

I belong to the generation known as BBC (Born Before Computers).

I saw my first computer at the university

And I started using computers many years after I had been employed.

What is my point, exactly?

That computer skills can be learnt!

What we need to promote are the benefits of the SFI business.

Once the affiliates understand the benefits of the SFI business, the excuses will melt away. Seeing the big picture will cure excusitis!

The people whom I have met who are not very well versed with the online business mostly express the following fears:

• Is my Personal Data safe?
• What if someone steals my money from my Credit Card?
• I do not have a VISA nor a MASTERCARD
• I don’t know how to create a PAYPAL account
The list goes on and on.

What these people are expressing are the fears that we usually have when we venture into the unknown.

So we need to do the following:

  1. Assuage the fears of the prospects by enlightening them that SFI and TrippleClicks are super safe
  2. Let them know that they do not need to become an internet geeks to prosper in SFI. They just need basic computer and internet skills. They will gain proficiency as they go along.
  3. What I will tell the prospects is that if they can join Facebook and do all the things that they are doing on Social Media, then they can surely navigate the SFI Backend Office
  4. We can show them how to create a PAYPAL account
  5. We can show them how to apply for VISA and MASTERCARDS. They can always start with Debit card where they only bank in the amount of money that they wanted to use.

In conclusion, SFI is not as difficult as it seems. All they need to do is to get involve with it and taking their own time to learn the Basics so that eventually they will learn many other things and also learn how to generate their 1st commission with it.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
― Confucius

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