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Thank you for having a peek at this MEMBER Area! Yes, it is NO LONGER a Signup Area as the response is pretty bad. I hopes it will get better and useful this way.

We are all here to help each other become successful online using the FREE System Tools, Education and Support from SFI as well as our Active Leaders of our Group, be it PSA or CSA. You will also learn things about Internet Marketing stuffs that I am familiar with (if you don’t mind).

There are also matters that cannot be voice out at the SFI Forum because of their “overly sensitive” moderators who always treat your “whining” or “complaint” as NEGATIVE! And when you do it too many times, you will either get “slap”, “penalize” or even “banned” from the Forum.

I know that because I had been there and got “slapped and penalized” before, resulting in me “walking out of SFI” for almost a year YET I am back! *I believed that SFI actually treat my account as “a trouble-maker” because I am experiencing a slow-down in my Affiliate Support request for anything including suggestion. 😳

IMHO, SFI Forum do not advocate the practice of Constructive Criticism which I think is important for any organization to grow. Look at all those “overly-positive” comments at the Forum every day and you will know what I mean. It can be annoying or a time-waster for someone seeking real reply to their queries.

Anyway, information to be provided here will be of value to you and I hope we all can learn from them wherever possible.

*Kindly note that this Members Area is now OPENED to anyone to provide suggestions, ideas, comments, questions or actions that are deem helpful to you, your prospects as well as myself so that we can grow our business together. These information, tips & tricks or recommendations are posted here as a learning process for every existing members as well as potential future SFIers. We will discuss, comment or criticize, if need be, so that things will work out in our favor. There is no obligation as to whether you want to partake or get involves with any other program. It is all but your personal choice and decisions.

Kindly contribute as much as possible at your end! 💡

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Apply To JOIN Team Listings On Blog – As you can see, I promotes Active Affiliates or Movers so that they can have a better chance of getting affiliates from their on country or anyone speaking the same language. Write me if you do not see your name here despite being active online.

Did You Know 2015 – This video provides you information that you might not even know about. Stretch your thinking cap while watching those content for ideas, tips and who to approach for your SFI business.



Leverage On Other Leaders Training — Visit here for some TripleClicks training until I have creates mine. Sorry for the delay as I am concentrating on other matters for now!

Advices, Tips, Shortcuts, Q&A and What-Have-You — Visit here to read information that I had collated for you, which I believed is important to you and your affiliates. You will be able to find similar type answers inside SFI Backend Office, Forum and even, ASK SC but I make it easier to learn the important nuggets before you could find it there.

More Coming…


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