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Side Track Or Distraction In Life

We often encounter situation where we have to put on hold something to do another that are deem to be more important. As for myself, the re-naming and re-editing of ALL pages and posts on my blogs since 1st June 2017 became a reality as well as a nightmare.

Reason being that my marketing activities on my other blogs including this one came to a total standstill because every URL Tracking Links that was re-directed to 12SC, an Autoresponder service, was rendered ineffective when they announced they were shutting down within a day on 1 June.

Every promotions, ads, articles and pages with hyperlinks will need to be change before it creates a bad impression on ALL my blog visitors or subscribers. Worse still, they might assumed that I had “call it a day!”

Since I have no backup of my Subscribers List or the Email Campaigns I had created, there is a need to re-do what I had done for the past 6 years!

Phew! It’s damn tiring and frustrating too!

All the horror stories that I heard from experienced Marketers had come true, all because I was too trusting of the company and the owner.

“Since it was fine for the past 6 years, there should be no problem!” Big mistake!

Although I had invested lots of money along the way and became a Platinum Member, I had my fair share of profits too BUT the time and effort wasted for now and tomorrow cannot be quantify!

My decision is to FULLY FOCUS on the recovery process and there will be no activity here for the time-being. My apology in advance!

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My First STL Status Ever

Should I be overwhelmed or happy over the new status that I had gained from SFI/TripleClicks program?

First Silver Team Leader Status on 27 December 2015

This Silver Team Leader status is certainly long overdue but I am not happy or exhilarated, to be frank! Reason being that I had achieved all those Versa Points for this promotion through my personal hard works. Almost none of the VP comes from my affiliates, who were inactive or had not reach their Executive Affiliate yet.

However, I am still confident that with the changes made in SFI/TripleClicks over several months by now, the situation will change for the better and a breakthrough for my business is on the way.

The very least is this website or blog that can help ALL my affiliates, new and old, to be use as a platform for their promotions and whats-not, until they own their first blog.

I shall be attempting to build this business from SCRATCH to proof a point that I can still achieve my BTL or STL without committing any Standing Order (SO). This commitment alone seems to be a main deterrence for many non-serious SFI affiliates who joins the business and do nothing about it. Their main excuses is that they cannot afford to spend this kind of money (or is it their mindset issue?)

Yes, I will be sacrificing this STL status and start becoming an EA once more (with the SO) but with the intention to properly build the business and providing the best advice for those who are connected with me. It will be a tough journey and I hope that it is a right decision for me!

Cheers and have a wonderful time reading those information here!




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