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Welcome To SFI / TripleClicks Business Opportunity!


Hi, looking for opportunity you can join for FREE and still able to make money out of it?

Welcome and Read To Understand!

This blog is mainly about the SFI / TripleClicks Business Opportunity that I had partake more than 3 years ago and that you can also get involves with for FREE when you have make up your mind. ( That’s right! You DO NOT have to pay any upfront cash or money to join the program!). You will also be able to learn about Internet Marketing, eCommerce and other online stuffs without the need to enroll into a class or a course. Which means, You will Get Education For Free + The Opportunity To Make Money Online While Learning and Implementing it!

 The ONLY “investment” for you is to fork out Your Precious Time and Energy!

What MySFITripleClicks Blog IS NOT

You will NOT find me trying to duplicate information from the SFI Website or Backend Office because they are already there for your learning BESIDES it will only confused and frustrate you more if those information keeps repeating itself, HOWEVER, important messages are repeated here as a reminder for you to take note as well as taking the necessary action to grow your business.

Those existing lessons or literature available at the SFI Backend Office are there for you to READ, LEARN and make references to, just like a LIBRARY. What is important is that YOU MUST EARN Your Daily VersaPoints (7×365) irregardless of your ranking!

This blog will provide you with information that will further enhance or improve your knowledge or understanding about the SFI/TripleClicks business PLUS providing you with additional information regarding Internet Marketing. There will be information that the “Moderators of SFI” treats as “negative”, “offensive” or even “conflicting of interest”. Since they do not welcome “constructive criticism“, the only way for you to “see those facts and truth” are here!

Information here will includes Video Explanation of topic such as:

  • How you can earn your Daily 11 VersaPoints (VPs)
  • How you can utilize your Affiliate Link to promote your business
  • How to generate your own blog to promote your business
  • How to placed Ads on “Advertising-related” websites
  • and many other value-added stuffs.

You will not only benefit from the tips, tricks and treats here, you will also want your Future Affiliates to leverage on this blog to grow their business as well, thus easing your Duplication Process initially. In time to come, you will also have your own system that you can rely on to promote your own business.

*However, please note that “Members Only” information will only be made available to existing SFI Affiliates of our Group or same Lineage, irregardless of whether they are Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) or Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs). My only request is that you do not share those information to others without due written permission from me.


“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.”

— Theodore Roosevelt


Joining SFI/TripleClicks Business Program

IF you are someone new BUT is prepared to do whatever it takes to make even “peanuts” money online for a start, then CLICK HERE To Join The Program and Then Register as MEMBER on this Blog Now!

However, as expected from most visitors who came here the first time and do not know anything about myself or the SFI/TripleClicks Business Opportunity, you will have DOUBTS! IF you are still skeptical about anything at all, then read some previously written articles on my personal blog first to have an idea about the program and then assess whether you can trust me enough to “join the club”. That’s all I can ask for now.

Just like what was mentioned on the Disclaimer’s Page above, every businesses online and offline (including the JOB you have) is definitely not someone’s cup of tea. Different people have different perspective or expectation regarding how they can make money with it BUT you need to know that ALL businesses, ventures or money making opportunities need TIME, DEVOTION and ACTION coupled with DILIGENCE and PERSISTENCY before it can become a Success For Anyone.

Similarly, SFI/TripleClicks is also one such program. Respectfully, THINK THRICE before you act!!!


Cheers and have a wonderful day!

# Leave comment here if you have any, your effort is greatly appreciated.


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