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New Videos For Affiliates In SFI/TripleClicks

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It’s been 2 months since I written a post here. Not that I had forgotten about this blog BUT life has been busy ever since I re-started my Internet Marketing stuffs to start generating a side income for my monthly usage.

Despite the busy schedule, I am still maintaining my EA monthly whilst thinking of how can I help my PSA and CSA to increase their Versa Points too.

It is very prominent that MOST of the SFI Affiliates have not created the habits of logging into the Backend System daily to earn their VPs (versa points).

New Videos For Affiliates in SFI/TripleClicks

Click on this URL to view 11 Videos that I had created for you and any other SFI affiliates out there who may not know that the Daily earning of VPs are an important task.

You can also access these videos from the “Just Joined SFI?” Drop-Down Menu.

Hope you will like it. Cheers!

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Pricebender Auctions Is Getting Better And Better

Pricebender Auction (TripleClicks)Do you know that TripleClicks has fully revamped the Pricebender’s Auction platform and it is now getting better day by day?

There were time when we had to wait for the next Auction after a previous had completed but these are things of the past. With the fully revamped platform, there are literally 20 Auctions each time you visit the site.

You can even find auctions specially created for anyone who had never won before. The bidding time is also longer than usual and it depends on the number of bidders involves. The timing will “shrink” or reduced at a relatively fast paced when the bidding war starts.

After waiting for days to decide whether it is still interesting to bid for CSAs, I decided to jump into the wagon this morning and was glad that I actually won it!

Win PB_100CSA_15Nov1

Explore Pricebender if you are interested to get hold of item that might be 90% off.

Explore Pricebender if you want the excitement of out-bidding fellow auctioneers.

Explore Pricebender if you want to make the SFI/TripleClicks Business Opportunity an income generating platform for your future. You can join my Team here!


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