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Besides Daily To Do List, What Is Next?

A common question asked by new affiliates of SFI after joining,

“Besides the daily actions on my To Do List, what must I do to ensure the business is kept going?”

What Is Next?

Action, There Is No Plan B
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Getting your daily 10-12 Versa Points (VPs) is a “disciplinary act” that are NECESSARY for ALL SFI Affiliates (new and old) as it will mold them, including you, into forming a habit of logging in daily to do your necessary stuff.

As a result you gets rewarded for doing so. Your Total FREE Versa Points for taking action on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis is almost 520 VPs and that is one-third of the necessary points for you to become qualified as an Executive Affiliate (EA) so that you will get a share of your commission from the Executive Commission Pool.

Bear in mind that this is the minimal effort for your perks or commissions. Therefore, in order for you to earn more, you will need to generate as many VPs as possible as part of your monthly effort. Please remember this quote always, “If You Want 100% Reward For Your Effort Then You MUST Put In 100% Effort To Get IT”

Now, what should you do to earn the other two-third of Versa Points?

There are many possible ways to do so and these includes…

* Improve Your Knowledge Regarding The SFI Business (Training yourself)

You need to learn as much as possible about the business and everything that are related to it. This is an on-going requirement on your part. Once you completed your initial Launchpad lessons, explore other Menus at the Backend Office and learn as much as possible. Basically, it is reading and reading and reading. Go complete that Internet Course 2.0 first! It is provided by SFI for FREE too!

Allocate extra time to read books pertaining to Online Businesses. Always be in a Learning Mode and Do Not Stop!

* Start Prospecting and Recruiting Affiliates

The ONLY way to grow your SFI business is through Duplication! This cannot happen if you do not have a Team of Affiliates that will duplicate your efforts and actions. Therefore, you need to recruit people to join your team so that the Power of Leveraging will work for you!

Promotions and recruiting of affiliates or business partners can be done offline, online or both. It is also an ongoing requirement that you must do everyday, even if you already have active affiliates in your Genealogy. Reasons being that there WILL BE active affiliates who will suddenly “disappear from your radar” and you need more active affiliates to continue growing your business.

* Buys From Your Own “eSupermart” and Starts Promoting TripleClicks

When you represents a company, it would be absurd that you do not even buy from them for your own need or usage. If factor such as Shipping Fees are bothering you, then buy Digital Products or Services that do not need them. There are almost 89,000 products in your own “eSupermart” and surely there must be something that you need. Anything else is merely an Excuse!

Remember also that TripleClicks is where the money is. You joined SFI because you want to make money with it. You do want people to buy from TripleClicks because as their referring affiliate, you will get to earn 45% commission from their purchases including subsequent one. If you are eligible, you also EARN the VPs of the products sold which will allow you to earn a larger share of the Executive Commission Pool.

You can always promote the products or services online and offline, locally and internationally. You can bid in Auctions to get products at exorbitantly reduced pricing or you can participate in their Eager Zebra Games for some fun and the opportunities to win VPs, MRP and others.

* To Grow Your Team You Need To Be Sponsoring

This would be a Major Activity if you are successful with your recruitment of affiliates. The newcomers or Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) will need to be guided, helped and motivated to become a useful members of your team. This will be your on-going role if you want to have a long-term and infallible passive income source.

Read and learn about Leadership skill so that you can become a good and trustworthy leader that other people wants to follow suit or emulate. Once you find your 4 to 6 frontliners or “General”, your future earnings is a done deal!

* Be Active With The SFI Community

When you partake in the Forum or ASK SC actively, your affiliates will notice how active you are in SFI and gets to see how successful you are. They can tell how involved you are within SFI by looking at all those badges that you have on your Profile or Leadership Page. This will make them have confidence in you as their Leader and Sponsor.

There is a warning though, please do not get “entrenched” in the Forum and do nothing to improve your business. Being the best in answering or providing solutions to others can be inspiring but it does not help if your team is not growing. It merely becomes a “chit-chat” area IMHO. A possible time-waster!

* Promote Your Gateway or URL Link Online

It will be of no use if you are not even promoting or giving out your Gateway or URL to others on the web. Why? It is because no one will know about you and your business. It is best to start a blog so that you can have your own articles promoting the SFI/TripleClicks business, products and services.

Don’t know about blogging? Then Click Here To Understand Why You Need To Create Your First Blog today!

You will also want to understand about promoting your URL on Social Media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. Or, even advertise on Traffic Exchange, Ads Mailer, or even SOLO Ads.

By now you will understand why SFI/TripleClicks is a real business and why you will need to do all the above functions including administration, planning, budgeting, asset/equipment replacement, researching trends, Website maintenance/promotions etc if you want to make real good income online.

One thing is for sure, when you are seeing money coming into your bank account, doing the above activities and more is a natural and must-have in order for you to survive or earn more. However, if you are NOT SEEING any money coming into your bank account after a period of time, you will start to give excuses or procrastinate and even stopped doing everything all together then, officially, you have become a Quitter or a Loser!

The Choice is Yours! Do you prefer to become a Winner or a Loser?


Not involved yet? Click Here and Decides Now! 😛 

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TripleClicks Is Your eSupermart

Partners, Affiliates, Associates
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When you join the SFI/TripleClicks Business Opportunity, you becomes an Affiliate. As an affiliate, you and SFI are partners. Therefore, you need to think of SFI products as YOUR products. And TripleClicks.com is YOUR store or eSupermart that you can leverage on to promote all the products within it. Today’s total quantity of products available for you to sell or market is around 89,000.

Because TripleClicks is your store, when you want to buy products or services for yourself or others, you always need to shop from your own store first, right?

For starters, your purchases at TripleClicks will earn you valuable VersaPoints, which you can parlay into numerous benefits and increased earnings for the month. You also earn Member Rewards Points with every purchase and soon, they can be use to redeem or purchase other products too.

The fact is, SFI’s success and your success as an SFI affiliate is tied directly together. The more successful TripleClicks is, the more successful you will be.

A popular and successful TripleClicks means:

  • It is EASIER sponsoring prospects to join the business
  • It is EASIER for you to get Referrals to join TripleClicks
  • It will attracts More & Better ECAs (eCommerce Affiliates)
  • It will have More Products & Services
  • It will have Better Pricing for your purchase
  • It will have Lower Shipping Costs
    and MORE

…and when all these are address or set up well, you will earn larger affiliate commissions of course!

Join for FREE today to become an SFI today and “Own a eSupermart” to earn an income online!


#Leave comment below if you have anything to say. Your effort is appreciated!


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Online Shopping And Their Benefits

TripleClicks-Ecommerce-Online Shopping
OpenClips / Pixabay

In 1979, an Englishman Michael Aldrich started something new in the business world that could enable online transaction between his consumers and businesses and it eventually blooms into what is known as e-Commerce today. When this technology became commercially acceptable in 1991, many companies started adopting the practice and they includes Pizza Hut and Intershop’s. Soon Amazon.com and eBay came along and that’s how online shopping became what they are today, surpassing the Trillion dollars mark in 2013. It is expected to grow further because more third-world countries have better internet connectivity and bandwidth today.

With the use of Internet, the retail shopping industry has completely revolutionized itself. With online shopping, consumers today has many different ways to shop without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Prior to the Internet revolution, catalog sales were the only way that people could shop from home while seated in front of the television. The choices you had then were very much limited to the availability of the catalogs, which you have to pay a subscription for its usage. Today, you can order ANYTHING from ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME using your PC, Laptop, Smartphones and other sophisticated devices.

Online Shopping & Benefits

The Consumer Controls The Online Shopping World

The competitive shopping environments and pricing has taken a complete turn for the consumers today. They are able to make comparison by visiting different online retail outlets, major discount markets, shopping forums such as craigslist and auction companies like ebay and many more before placing their order online. They not only do pricing comparison but they compare products and branding too. That shows how powerful the online shoppers are today!

Tough For The Retail Outlets

With the wide range of online shopping or e-commerce websites, you can actively search for a price that you want to pay for an item, knowing that you rarely need to pay full retail price for any of these products. You can always do your research at major retail store online and gather information about the retail cost of the gifts or items that you want to buy. You can then go to a discount online outlets, auction sites or other e-commerce sites to shop for that items and all this, without ever leaving your home or to physically visit that outlet.

Knowing about the potential of Online Shopping and eCommerce today, you might be keen to learn how you can earn or generate an income for yourself using such kind of platform, from the comfort of your home. Explore this 100% FREE To Join TripleClicks e-Commerce Business Program today!


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