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Procrastinate For 3 Months?

3 Months SFI TripleClicks activities In May June & July of 2016
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Yes, you must be wondering what happened to me during the last 3 months right? After announcing that I will not be on a Standing Order, I knew that I must achieve my EA2 to qualify for commission for the month.

BUT like most human being, I actually procrastinated alot. I keeps finding reason not to work the business due to the lacklustre performance of ALL my affiliates (CSA and PSA) in my Genealogy. Mind you, I used to have about 700+ of them and now it is almost half! Yet, I no longer want to rely on them anymore.

Nonetheless, I was also experiencing personally what it is like, for month of May, June & July, to earn those Versa Points (VP) without any Standing Order to guarantee my Executive Affiliate (EA) positioning. ** This is exactly in the mindset of those newly joined affiliates and I hope they gets the tips from here.

Yes, You and I cannot earn any commission if we do not maintain an EA2 status for the month, and I will also lose all my existing CSA (co-sponsor affiliate) too.

Procrastinate For 3 Months?

Did I really procrastinate? Maybe a little here and there but instead, during the last 3 months, I did the following:

  1. Buying of 1 x T-Credit (TC) from 3rd day of month using my MRP (Member Reward Point) which I had accumulated over the years from purchases, winnings and usage of TCs for my activities (e.g. Auctions & Eager Zebra Games).
  2. Each time, 126MRP were spent for it. After which, I have 1TC + 5MRP because of the purchase. Theoretically, I am spending only 121MRP for 1TC.
  3. For several days after that, I will continue to buy 1 x TC daily so that each time a 102VP are added to my daily performance + I earned an extra entry for my Daily Grand Draw. The main purpose is to accumulate these VPs to make it at least 1500 and qualify for my EA2 (Every affiliate in SFI/TripleClicks who had been EA on their first month after joining, must go through it every month. That’s why it is so fair!).
  4. I will then increase my Sales VP to 1500 (find out balance from your Score Board Tab!) by buying 1TC with my MRP too. On average, I bought about 16 TCs for the month. Do your math 😉
  5. Bear in mind that you still have your Daily To-Do VPs (those RED TAB) which averages 10 daily, therefore you gets 300VPs for the month.
  6. .By end of month, I had achieved EA2 + Sales VP of at least 1500 and qualify for my Executive Pool commission!

Note that this can be done to last you months after months, which I actually tried and tested since April actually. It is proven that every affiliate (including you) can do it!

Besides, as a recurring EA, you get extra CSA and T-Credits for next month too.

What To Do With Those T-Credit Bought and Earned?

Great! If you have thought about that. You can use it to buy products at TripleClicks thus earning more MRPs, or you can use it to play those Eager Zebra Games or you can even participate in those auctions that attracts you.

Your rewards will be,

  1.  You earn 5 MRP each time you uses it for your Game or auction, e.g. Card King
  2.  Or, you can earn 10 MRP when you bid on those auctions which has DP (double point) status.
  3. Along the way, you could win at least a Game or auction that gives you more T-Credits and the cycle goes round again.


It is only when you are comfortable with these basic achievement, then you can concentrate on getting your own PSAs and Sales to strengthen your earnings. All those instructions, tips and tricks on “how can I build my Team and increase my Sales” can be easily found at the SFI backend office and Forum.

So what if you see that you are only earning $3 or $5 for the month with these activities alone? With such foundation, and over time, you will see the real $$$ or compounding effect when your structure starts to grow and also when all your affiliates can do what you are doing!

As for myself, I will continue to explore these foundation and strengthen it with more promotions and marketing. Hoping to provide you with more tips soon! 😉  And YES, I must not procrastinate too much if I want to see a larger income source. AND when I have earned enough to afford a Standing Order, it will be started and activated monthly so that the qualification of being an EA2 begins at the beginning of the month and providing me more time to do my promotions and marketing! ** Well, That should be your Goal too!

I have proven that this is workable and hope that my existing PSA and CSA reads this article and do something about it. It should be something that your affiliates do too. Good luck!

Having been an affiliate with SFI/TripleClicks for 5 years and more, I can safely says that it is a viable and safe business opportunity. The only ingredient to success here is PATIENCE! & PERSERVERANCE!

Do not get involve if that 2 words frightens you!

My aim is to continue finding those 4 to 5 champions so that we can build a reliable team and help each other gets the passive income we all wanted.


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My First STL Status Ever

Should I be overwhelmed or happy over the new status that I had gained from SFI/TripleClicks program?

First Silver Team Leader Status on 27 December 2015

This Silver Team Leader status is certainly long overdue but I am not happy or exhilarated, to be frank! Reason being that I had achieved all those Versa Points for this promotion through my personal hard works. Almost none of the VP comes from my affiliates, who were inactive or had not reach their Executive Affiliate yet.

However, I am still confident that with the changes made in SFI/TripleClicks over several months by now, the situation will change for the better and a breakthrough for my business is on the way.

The very least is this website or blog that can help ALL my affiliates, new and old, to be use as a platform for their promotions and whats-not, until they own their first blog.

I shall be attempting to build this business from SCRATCH to proof a point that I can still achieve my BTL or STL without committing any Standing Order (SO). This commitment alone seems to be a main deterrence for many non-serious SFI affiliates who joins the business and do nothing about it. Their main excuses is that they cannot afford to spend this kind of money (or is it their mindset issue?)

Yes, I will be sacrificing this STL status and start becoming an EA once more (with the SO) but with the intention to properly build the business and providing the best advice for those who are connected with me. It will be a tough journey and I hope that it is a right decision for me!

Cheers and have a wonderful time reading those information here!




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