What Is L.U.C.K ?

What is LUCK? To borrow a cliche from Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, LUCK means Labour Under Correct Knowledge!

When you have done your homework great enough, you actually achieve your success in your undertakings much easier than most people. However, they will think that you are lucky because it had been difficult for them to do so. Saying that you are lucky is an easy way for them to justify why they are not doing it themselves.

I was lucky too this evening because I won 1050 Versa Points from the Spin & Win plus Daily Grand Draw.

Won 1000 Versa Points From SFI/TripleClicks Spin&Win

If I did not read the newsletter whenever it comes into my Inbox, I would have missed the Spin & Win questionaires for the Spin,

If I did not login Daily to do my To-Do list, I would never have been qualified for the Daily Grand Draw for the activities I did,

so, Am I LUCKY?

You too can have plenty of LUCK if you will place much faith in the SFI/TripleClicks business opportunity by reading, learning, advertising, selling, promoting and sharing your success. By then, you will also hear people says that you are LUCKY with the business!

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